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Happy Birthday DealBreaker!I’m So Out Of Here

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It was just about two years ago that we got this experiment in gossip, news, analysis, commentary, jokes and dirty talk underway. It’s been more successful than we ever could have hoped. Our readers are largely responsible for this success. We have become a clearing house for underground market news thanks to our tips and comments. And our comment section has become such a great source of information and community that we launched a community page to let the commenters have a section of their very own, where you can start new topics or continue discussions long after they’ve left the main pages for the afterworld of our archives.
We won’t go on trumpeting our successes here. Rather, we’re just going to take the opportunity to promise you that we’re continuing to expand and improve. Thanks so much for reading, drinking and commenting with us.
On a personal note—one that demands I drop our sacred “royal we” style—I’m very grateful for everyone who has helped make DealBreaker work. I’m headed off for a long overdue vacation in South East Asia. I’ll miss you all dearly. I’m leaving the keys to the DealBreaker mansion in the capable hands of Bess, Joe and Equity Private for the rest of April. If you have any tips on South East Asia, feel free to email me at
Remember, you can always reach DealBreaker by emailing, calling 212-334-1871 or texting us at 973-495-0177.