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How Do You Think Lloyd Blankfein Got His Big Break? Protesting His Pay For Carving Gus Levy's Beef In The '70s Via Yom Kippur Sit-In

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As some of you located downtown might’ve noticed, cafeteria workers employed by Aramark at banks throughout the city (JPMorgan, Citi, etc) have been calling on client and owner Goldman Sachs to “spread the wealth” a little more evenly for over a month now via freedom marchesto/protests outside of 85 Broad, to not much success. That ends today at 3. We just received word that striking staffers, “oppressed” by Goldman in a manner they feel is reminiscent of the way the Pharaoh oppressed the Jews, will be holding a Passover Seder outside of 1 New York Plaza, presided over by Rabbi Michael Feinberg. Union leader Dennis Diaz hopes the meal/demonstration will get the Egyptians inside to realize the slave-like conditions they’re forcing Aramark employees to work under. That’s right, people—hitting them where it hurts. Jew Guilt.
Though it remains to be seen if the stunt will garner any results, we’ve been hearing rumors that for this feat of genius, senior officials on the prop desk have plans to offer whoever’s idea this was the position of running Josh Birnbaum’s portfolio upon his departure.
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In the Tradition of Passover…

During a Justice Seder, Rabbi Will Bless Aramark Workers at Goldman Sachs, Part Owner of Food Service Giant

New York—“Although the story of the Passover is 3,500 years old, it reminds us that the struggle against oppression continues to this day with its many faces,” explains Arieh Liebowitz of the Jewish Labor Committee.
“In the spirit of Passover, we are gathered today to support the Aramark cafeteria workers, struggling for economic liberation, justice and respect,” Dennis Diaz, UNITE HERE Local 100 Organizer. “The Aramark cafeteria workers at Goldman Sachs are oppressed by their employer who is not negotiating with them a good and fair contract with better living wages, securities and benefits. The Aramark Café workers at Bank of NY and CBS are on strike for the same reasons. These workers are serving some of the richest people on the planet while they are struggling to make ends meet.”

What: Goldman Sachs Justice Passover Seder for Aramark Cafeteria Workers
When: Thursday, April 17th, 3 PM to 5PM
Where: 1 New York Plaza, Outside of Goldman Sachs Headquarters
Who: Striking Aramark workers
RABBI MICHAEL FEINBERG, Greater N Y Labor-Religion Coalition
ARIEH LEBOWITZ, CAROLYN DE PAOLO, ALAN GOLDBLATT, the United Hebrew Trades-Jewish Labor Coalition
Visuals: Traditional Seder presented by Rabbi Feinberg, banners, flags and workers
Interviews with striking Aramark workers

Workers and their allies recently completed a national tour meeting with stakeholders from Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York to discuss common concerns such as food safety, nutrition, fiscal integrity, and the need for good jobs with health care at the thousands of schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, stadiums, convention centers, recreational venues, correctional facilities, and companies where Aramark provides food and cleaning services nationwide.
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