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I'd Like To Hear What No-Sleeves Has To Say

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CNBC ran a segment earlier this morning about how to deal with workplace bullies. It’s not entirely clear why. Perhaps as a companion piece to FBN’s “Be A Dick” special, perhaps because they’ve just given up entirely. MarketWatch’s Herb Greenberg argues that having a resident jerk in the office is good for business, while Gary Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute, through blubbering tears, says that bullies are mean and should be banned. Dennis Kneale works into the conversation that he used to be the managing editor of Forbes. And speaking of Kneale, the most interesting aspect of the piece is his apparent selective memory. DK wonders why there’s a need for an institute devoted entirely to the study of bullies, implying that anyone falling victim to a little tormenting should suck it up and get back to work. Sounds like tough guy needs to be reminded of this:


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Unless the network likes being described as "that shit hole" to which he said good riddance, in which case, catch him in line for burgers and 'slaw.

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