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If You Have To Ask, You Can't Afford It

When I was a little girl, one of my classmates, an obnoxious, blond, little tot named "Anders," was fond of saying "You can't afford it!" to everyone who was in earshot. Later in life, I became certain Eddie Murphy had known Anders (though the timing, geography and demographics of this notion are difficult to compute) owing to his Delirious "We got ice cream" routine.

I have some ice cream,
and I'm gonna eat it all,
I'm gonna all- all my, ice- ice- cream.
You don't have no ice cream.
You didn't get none.
Cause you on the welfare,
You can't afford it,
You can't afford it.
And yo father is an al-co-hol-ic.
Wanna a lick? Psych!

One sunny afternoon in the locale of Equity Private's early development, Anders taunted the newly arrived, token American student in the class over the new watch which Anders possessed, and the American did not. Strangely, I remember the watch being a very pleasant shade of pink, but that's for another time. In any event, Anders barely managed to get the words "You can't afford it," (in fairness, it was more of a "You can't affooooooord it") out before becoming the recipient of the most crushing blow to the groin any pre-teen could have been expected to deliver. Who said Americans can't play soccer?
Perhaps this is a somewhat circuitous narrative to arrive at the following basic point:
However like schoolyard the posturing, you probably shouldn't be taunting a company backed by Carl Icahn with "You can't affoooord it!" That is, unless you are wearing a lot of protective gear.
Can Blockbuster Afford Circuit City? [WSJ]
A bit of "You can't affooooord it" taunting after the jump. Warning: NSFW (unless you work at SAC).


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