In Addition, They All Admitted To Being Slags. Spiteful, Spiteful Slags. Oddly, In Spite Of Their Bitterness, Several Of Them Also Remarked On What A Good Looking, Smart, Funny, Charismatic Guy Epstein Is, But He Tends To Have That Effect On Women


If you’re like us, you spent last weekend (and the yeast-less days following) being plagued by the fear that, for various reasons, Jeff Epstein hadn’t been invited into anyone’s home for Passover. Blissfully, that concern was put to rest today. The Post reports that the massage enthusiast has been in Israel since Saturday to celebrate the holiday. (It is unclear how extensively traditional the Seders he attended were, though all accounts note several rousing, no holds barred games of find the afikomen in my pants with the harem of Bat Mitzvah-aged women he had in tow). Epstein is apparently also “meeting with Israeli scientists about medical research he's funding and taking a tour of military bases with [Friends of Israel chairman] Benny Shabtai." RE paying men, women and children to stand around awkwardly on several occasions while he jerked off into a towel, Epstein’s representative would like every to note that “the alleged victims have all acknowledged they lied about their age." They all said they were they were 30, and they looked 35. Epstein would’ve called bull shit, but he respects the ladies.
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