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JPMorgan Looking For That Jimmy Cayne Feeling

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Don’t let the fact that they’re firing upwards of 9,000 employees fool you—JPMorgan is trying desperately to recreate that Bear Stearns magic over on Park. The Post reports that Jamie Dimon is rallying hard to retain the services of many of the senior executives who led the bank to its brilliant demise, at all costs. Obviously no dream team would be complete without the big guy himself, but barring the cancellation of a year-long bridge tour which is scheduled to finish at the Vatican, he’s unavailable. Dimon is willing to settle for the next best thing, however, if only he’ll have him: “Jimmy Cayne protégé,” Donald Tang. The former Bear vice chairman considered is “one of the top Asian investment bankers in the US and a bridge to the coveted Chinese market,” character flaws Dimon is willing to overlook in his desire to rebrand JPMorgan as the premier destination for anyone interested in learning to count cards.
Dimon Juiced By Bear Tang [NYP]