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JPMorgan Will Spare No One

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I love Jamie Dimon as much as the next guy afflicted with a bad case of Greekorthodoxophilia but I’m worried that he, or his minions, might be evil. I have no problem with the fact that JPMorgan is effectively stealing thirty billion in taxpayer cash to buy Bear Stearns, that’s obviously okay. But the news that JPM is also doing away with the one thing Bear was good for, employing the disabled, leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, not unlike that of week-old souvlaki. Overlooked among their work as leaders in field of hedge funds, hygiene, card playing and smoking dope was Bear’s commitment to hiring the handicapable, for which the firm was honored with Title I of the ADA Employment Award in 2006. Now, JPMorgan apparently wants to get rid of BSC’s program, as well as about 40 workers with disabilities. I have no idea how much it would cost to keep those 40 guys on but I suspect that it couldn’t be much more than someone's 3-weeks tuition to the nation’s premier bridge camp every year (which, on the DL, is included in the terms of the deal).
Anyway. Go vote on which song Shea-goers should have to sing along to during the 8th inning this season. It doesn’t have much to do with Bear or disabled people, but imagining thousands of Mets fans being subjected to "Never Gonna Give You Up" 81 times makes me feel good inside.
Equal Opportunity Firings At Bear [NYP]