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Keep On Predicting What The Fed Will Do-- Because Ron Would've Wanted It That Way

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Just in case you missed it, we ran a reader poll yesterday to predict what the Fed will do at 2:15, in memoriam of our fearless leader, Bon Quarney. Lon loved breaking out his crystal ball on such occasions (and what visions! Don't get me started reminiscing...), and while the DealBreaker Fed Poll was his baby, we know Don would've wanted us to carry on with pomp and circumstance in his absence. In endeavoring to replicate that which was Mon's market moving insight to a T, we now ask that you answer the same question a second time. So drop what you're doing and start prognosticating. Last chance to get in. Be part of something historic. The free world's fate hangs in the balance. And I do not mean that in jest-- even though the poll asks "What will the Fed do?" which is to say, "Let's predict what the Fed will do," DealBreaker Readers (capitalized to emphasize how important you are) know that we're actually telling the Fed what to do. Deciding for them. They're actually sitting there waiting for our poll to close. So take this thing seriously, and when you cast your ballot, realize that it's not just a poll-- it's Klarney whispering in Bernanke's ear.

Opinion Polls & Market Research

Opinion Polls & Market Research

*"Tomorrow" = today but we wanted to use the same question from yesterday. Must keep with tradition.