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Let's Predict the Fed Move -- Because Don Would Have Wanted It That Way

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A few readers have noted that the wheels are coming off here in the absence of our fearless leader, Ron Blarney, and his capacious intellect and market moving insight. While I could never hope to bring the same gravitas that he has demonstrated in his coverage of the rice market, I will now endeavor to honor the memory of Lon Varney, via his famed ‘What Will The Fed Do?’ poll. Bon always took such pride in the predictive prowess of the DealBreaker Fed Poll, and while it is indelibly linked to him and him only, I know he would’ve wanted us to carry it on in his absence. And, I bet you his annual take home (2 large) that he’s looking down on us and smiling. To those of you who think I am the local yokel—btw, how dare you—and that it is sacrilegious of me to attempt to climb on the shoulders of a giant, please realize that I approach this subject with the greatest humility, and self-awareness that I could never come close to Don Klarney’s level of magisterial prognostication.

Opinion Polls & Market Research

Opinion Polls & Market Research

For the uninformed: Maestro69 and GandalFED are the screen names of Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, respectively.