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You've probably already heard, but the proposed layoff packages for BSC employees doesn't look that bad - talked with a friend over there, and it looks like they're going to be paid double salary during the transition period, a month's severance for each year worked, plus some kind of
additional cash bonus for people that are kept on through the transition period.
The place is a ghost town though - a friend of mine who is still employed there told me that their equity derivatives desk only did something like 20 trades the other day. 20 trades in a day comes out to just about one trade per EQD trader on the desk! LOL...
The layoffs / bloodbath is supposed to start in a week or so.
[Former MD/P at BSC...]


Letter Reveals More Names in Galleon Case

Roomy Khan, one of the key cooperating witnesses in the Galleon insider trading case, used her extensive rolodex of insiders to gain access to secret market-moving information. Recently released court documents show that list of contacts could be longer than we thought.