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Nelson Is Appeased

Following up on our exclusive, breaking, 13D news insight, we now bring you the news that after sufficient sacrifice on the activist altar, Wendy's antagonist is, for the moment, appeased.
You can't really blame Wendy's for being a reluctant target. At one time the firm was expecting as much as $4 billion cash offers from potential suitors. Trian and Triarc (Peltz' hedge funds) were offering just $900 million in cash and the rest in stock, or a combination with Arby's.
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Nelson Peltz Is Giving GE A Real Case Of The Mondays

Jeff Immelt's getting a little Peltz-ing to start the week.

Ben Nelson Clueless About ATMs

Ok, so we can sort of understand the utter ignorance of many lawmakers about markets and modern finance in general. We can’t expect all of them to possess the kind of Maxine Waters-esq encyclopedic knowledge of swap credit defaults and other complex derivatives.

You guys got this? (Getty Images)

Opening Bell 7.19.18

Packer quits; Wendy's and Papa John's merger talks; A war on football and more!