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News Travels Slow In Washington

Hey, so I was doing this story, you know, for my job with the Post? Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyhow, check it. Believe it or not, this guy John Paulson, he is this guy who made a lot of money by shorting sub-prime. I mean a lot. Like enough to buy Bear Stearns. Or enough to buy Delta Airlines. Like, with change. No, really. He did it by shorting stock. You know, when instead of buy low, sell high, you sell high and buy low. Cool huh? Yeah, and he made like a billion percent! And this one time, Congress was going to try and raise the tax on all these hedge fund guys like Paulson. But that didn't work. Anyhow, all these rich hedge fund guys, they get all this money and homeowners can't even buy eggs and sugar. But that's capitalism, you know? Sometimes you get the bull, sometimes the bull gets you. Is that how it goes? You know what I mean.
No, I can't talk for long. I have to go do a story on Britney Spears' manager's bank accounts. No, I know but it's better than all these student loan stories and local debt stories they have had me doing. What? Oh, I don't know. They have had me doing these business articles since last year. Yeah, I don't know, I miss Columbia.
No, yeah, I gotta go to. My editor wants some coffee. See ya!
1 Man, 1 Year: $3.7 Billion Payout [Washington Post]