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Non-Disclosure Cat Fight

Take a piece by New Republic blogger Marty Peretz...

The Wall Street Journal has a soft spot for Joseph "Jay" W. Brown the once -- and once again CEO of MBIA, the world's largest bond insurer and insurer of much dubious paper at unreliable values. I've posted on The Spine about his company several times, and particularly about how it and another company (AMBAC, on its way to the graveyard where Enron now is buried) cooperated with the three ratings agencies (Moody's, S & P, Fitch) to dish out truly false AAA grades.

...add a dash of counter-attack in Marty's blog comments purporting to be from Jay Brown himself...

Marty, I’m not sure how much more candid I could have been with the Wall Street Journal than a straight Q-and-A interview. If you think that’s “bullying” I can’t imagine what you would say if I had declined comment altogether.
But what’s also puzzling is the omission that you have been both a major stakeholder and an advisor to Pershing Square, a hedge fund that has led a short-selling position against our company. In other words, you profit when MBIA suffers and you have a financial interest in spreading doubt about our strength.

...stir, add popcorn, wait.
Brown the Bully [The Spine]