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Opening Bell: 4.11.08

The carnage just keeps piling up. Seriously, last week there were like four airlines to just shut down. Today it's CO-based Frontier Airlines filing for bankruptcy. But at least for now, it plans to operate a normal schedule, as well as do everything as it was, so that's at least good. The company's stated reason: The bankruptcy comes "following an unexpected attempt by its principal credit card processor to substantially increase a "holdback" of customer receipts." Not that the market didn't see this coming.
Wanna keep bitching about Frank Quattrone? Get over it already (CNET)
Really, so what? So Frank Quattrone is working alongside Google. It's a free country. They're allowed. Quattrone went through the legal process. To be honest, we're not sure if this particular rant is aimed at this crowd. It might be aimed at more sensitive crowds with weaker constitutions, who are prone to get indignant about people making a come back. But we're all for comebacks here. 100 percent.
We Need A New Path To Liquidity (AVC)
Fred Wilson bemoans the fact that there "exit" options for start-ups are so poor. There's no IPO market, unless you're big and solid and while you can cash out by selling to a big company, there's a good chance that the big company is where your brilliant idea and employees will head off to die. A bit of a sad bargain, especially if you care about the companies you've invested in and the actual product, not just making money. So perhaps the question of finding a new out can be crowdsourced to the netizens.
Stuck at the Airport, Recruits Face a Hardship Test (NYT)
Is it just us, or does this whole American Airlines thing seem really, really miserable. Like, really miserable. Why do people have jobs that compel them to fly? It doesn't make sense. Just stay home and work from there and you don't have to deal with all this. Btw, interesting bit from our friends at, that highlighted mechanical issues at AA before the public really got wind of it.
Pong Dynasty: In Table Tennis, Chinese Rule (WSJ)
Interesting story in the Journal (for a Friday) about US and Canadian ping-poing teams being dominated by ethnic Chinese, and the certain element of resentment that causes non-Chinese hoping to make the Olympic. Interesting, but, look, they weren't going to get a medal anyway, so we're not too worried about it. Besides, aren't the Swedes really good?
Blogonomics: The Seeking Alpha Model (SeekingAlpha)
The debate continues... After this week's missive from Barry Ritholtz during which he considered leaving SA, site founder David Jackson discusses some of the issues involved. Ultimately, it's bigger than just SeekingAlpha cause it gets at issues with a lot of digital business models.