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I don’t know who’s behind, but the “ratings agency” just released its list of “Stocks to Sell Now” and I’m having a difficult time believing the place isn’t run by burlap loincloth clad godless heathens. Or Canadians. Z’s picks (to dump)? None other than the holy trinity: sex (Playboy Enterprises: PLA), money (Goldman Sachs: GS), lactose (Cheesecake Factory: CAKE).
And spare me the “Times, are tough, people don’t want to buy $30 pieces of cake,” “I get my porn on the internet,” "I read Goldman annual reports for the letters to shareholders. And anyhow, they over use the airbrush and under use the Brazillian" BS.
I think you can guess who’s just as riled up about this smear campaign. Hint: he consumes all three products in abundance.

Zacks Sell List Highlights [BusinessWire]


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