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Thailand: Future M&A Paradise

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Recently laid off from your buldge bracket bank because the buyout business has dried up? Well Bangkok may be where you want to be. Beside the obvious benefits--cheap domestic help and bespoke clothing--the land of smiles may be poised for an M&A boom.
Firms here cannot use tax losses on the books of acquired companies to offset profits of the combined entity. But that may be changing thanks to a newly announced government plan to boost investment.
The tax laws now in place discourage deal making because mergers erase value by eliminating carried tax losses. The change couild unleash value now trapped inside firms, making deals much more attractive. Firms with tax losses on the books will suddenly have a valuable asset.
This is probably somehow related to rice or Buddhism but I've probably said enough on that for now.

--John Carney is "on assignment" in Thailand.