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The Age Old Question

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Fortune has an incredibly insensitive article today asking "Can anyone run Citigroup?", the implication being that CEO Vikram Pandit can't. We're willing to hear arguments that run counter to our belief that with Vikram in charge, Citi is not only "too big to fail" but, as one commenter so brilliantly put it, "too happy to fail," but we can't help feeling as though it's a little unfair to be ruminating on these things so early in Lil' Vik's tenure, which is just barely four months old today. I'm ballparking it, but it seems as though Chuck was given something like years to fuck up before anyone said "Hey wait a second." Plus, we're pretty sure that Pandit's grad school professor already told us that his student could get the job done last week. If that wasn't a case closing vote of confidence, I don't know what is. And it sort of just makes me want to shrug my shoulders or, even more dramatically, throw up my hands and say "I give up," this notion that we can't accept what someone's teacher from over twenty years ago said and move on. But that's not my job so let's talk about this for a second.
Can anyone run Citigroup? Personally, we're inclined to say yes. Let's be honest, it's not as though shareholders, the board, et al's standards are exceptionally high. It's not like they're shooting for "success" at this point, though if they are what would success be defined as? Not becoming Bear? Basically, expectations are very, very low. I'm going to spell it out for you-- they're just looking for a mammal. That's their bottom line, and they're really very flexible on that, too. But nobody wants to admit that, Fortune included, so every so often we're forced to go through the asinine question of who can get the job done. Enough of that. Anyone can run Citigroup, even the guy we jokingly/seriously nominated a few months back (when you have the corpse of a genocidal maniac in charge, other banks will know not to mess, this much I promise you). The real question is: can anyone run Citigroup into the ground? Like really, really into the ground? Interested parties (my shorts) would like to know.
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