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The Lil' Hedge Fund Manager With The Big Person Heart

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We may have been wrong about Adam Sender, 4'11.5". Yes, the Exis Capital manager has hideous taste in art. Yes, he's been known get on a bull horn and tell employees to stop what they're doing and report to his desk immediately, Bloomberg monitors in hand, and assemble said monitors at his work station so that it looks as though he's 53-screens important, when photographers come a-calling. Yes, he gets in fights with Great Adventure employees who, merely following protocall, deny him a seat on their rides. Yes, he wears KISS boots on dates "for those extra six inches." But for all his faults, Adam Sender, 4'11.5" apparently cares more about the sanctity of human life than about settling a score, which is more than we can say for some of you.
According to Sender's testimony in the Anthony Pellicano, "Private Investigator to the Stars" wiretapping and racketeering trial, Pellicano, who'd been working for Sender, spying on producer Aaron Russo, offered to kill Russo, and Sender said no. Even though Russo, whose film credits include "Trading Places" and "Bette Midler: Ol' Red Hair Is Back," owed Sender $1.1 million. Even though tapped phone calls suggest that Russo was telling friends Sender was 4'11" (he's 4'11.5"). EVEN though Pellicano, in a "frightening moment" in 1999, in the garden of Mr. Sender's mansion in Bel-Air, where Sender barely came eye to eye with the decorative garden gnomes, made it all sound so easy. And yeah, you can probably say it was 'cause Sender knew he wouldn't survive an hour in the big house, but the bottom line is that on that night in '99, Sender was the bigger man. An event like that's not likely to come around again soon, if ever, and so, we're declaring April 2 Adam Sender, 4'11.5" Day. In celebration, we move that you take a picture of yourself in front of more Bloomberg monitors than necessary. We'll put up the submissions as they come in.
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