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Those Damn French Italians Spanish Are Going To Destroy The Euro

Any piece that quotes the French President with: "We cannot continue to cope with the autism of some bankers who do not understand that the priority is not fighting inflation, which is nonexistent, but fighting for more growth," deserves your attention, even if it is in Forbes. Should we pay attention? Probably not. Still, I quite like the idea that the "Latin" bloc and the "German" bloc (which apparently includes Luxembourg) are on at odds over fiscal discipline. That and the myth of prudent Swiss bankers is pretty sure to get you a laugh or two at parties. But, given that "62% of Germans support reinstating the deutsche mark as the country's currency," maybe we should pay attention.
Then again... one need only think about this a bit and the foibles of German sentiment become clear. To wit:

The Demise of the Euro [Forbes]
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Italians Forced To Go Farther Afield To Hide Money

The Swiss are helping their neighbors fight tax evasion. (Which is kind of rich.)