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Where Was Chuck Prince's Freshman Year Econ Prof When We Needed Him?

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Though conventional wisdom states that nothing or no one will ever be able to whip the diversified whorehouse that is Citi into something resembling a profitable company, at least one person willing to go on record believes Vikram Pandit “has the smarts” to do just that. We’re speaking, of course, Pandit’s finance professor from grad school, who took a cue from Bernanke’s thesis advisor yesterday and went to bat for the old boy in an interview with Portfolio. According to Rajnish Mehra, who served on the CEO’s dissertation committee at Columbia, Citi “is in safe hands” with Vik because his thesis “tackled the [now relevant] question of asset pricing with heterogeneous agents.” So don't worry, shareholders, about that prediction that C is headed to $10-- Mehra says he even went back over Pandit’s work just to make certain he was remembering the right kid from over twenty years ago and, sure enough, he was (like anyone could forget that smile).
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