You Only Have Yourselves To Blame


So! We recently received a bunch of emails to the effect of “something’s wrong with the site,” “where are the posts,” “how come I can’t comment?” The reason for all of these problems is that you guys were logging on to the site incorrectly. I don’t how you all did it at the same time, but bravo!

Just kidding. Our servers are a P.O.S. (we would’ve gotten the good ones but you didn’t buy enough Mike’s Hard Lemonade). Anyway, the people who deal with this stuff say that things should be working now, but who knows, they could just be messing with us. Let’s wait and see.


You Don't Have To Look Like That If You Don't Want To

Have the past several years wreaked havoc on your looks? Is your face starting to look like an old catcher's mitt? Do you wake up with new wrinkles every day? Do you stare into the mirror and wonder who the old, haggard looking man staring back is? Does it look like a bag lady has taken up residence under your eyes? Do you catch a glimmer of your reflection and think, "Why would anyone want to fuck me? I'm hideous." Are you generally disgusted with yourself? Do you want to do something about it, something involving a doctor's office and needles, but are afraid of what people might think? Don't be! According to Bloomberg lots of guys are taking 20 to "refresh" themselves and in fact, financial services employees represent "the fastest growing segment" of Dr. Dendy Engelman's "patient population." Everybody does it, it's just that no one talks about it. Easing Stress In Time For The Weekend [BloombergTV]