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Are You Happy, Michael Bolton? ARE YOU HAPPY?!

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Things, making money-wise, have not been going so well at Tom Hudson's Pirate Capital for a while now, but we assumed that the addition of Michael Bolton's daughters, Isa and Holly Bolotin, to payroll as girlfriends and fund managers would straighten things out. When Isa left to join Silver Point Capital in December, we were slightly nervous but held it together, confident that Holly's masterful stewardship of assets would be enough. Then Hudson got a new lady who soon became his fiance and somewhere along the line the last remaining Bolton offspring got pushed out and now all hell has broken loose:

From: [redacted]
To: tips at dealbreaker dot com
Subject: Pirates abandon ship??
Your favorite Pirates seem to be moving out of Norwalk. Put up a sign in the lobby cafe of their building selling their chairs for $500.00 and seem to be moving other desks out of the office today..