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This is the last time we're going to write about the spin class fracas today unless another hilarious detail emerges in which case, all bets are off. Earlier we wondered aloud whether or not it was possible for one man (Christopher Carter) to not only throw another man (Stuart Sugarman) and his bike into a wall, but lift man y bike over his head for a few seconds seconds, or however long it takes to shout "F you" before tossing the duo across the room.
While you debated amongst yourselves, we questioned an expert. A professional. An authority on the matter of going postal while working out and possibly juicing. A guy who takes lifting so seriously the people at Myoplex are considering making him their spokesman. A bro who realizes that in order to effectively expose one's veins to colleagues' leering delight after a pec whaling session, one must be properly attired in Champion sweatshirts with the sleeves cut off. A broheim who takes no greater pride than that derived from the musky, pheromone-concentrated odor he emits while working out. A brohamster who is not afraid to scare children in the gym's BowFlex-adjacent playroom by howling 'Ba Fungool!' after every rep. Charlie Gasparino. Here's what he had to say, re: is it possible?

"When I grew up I worked out with a lot of power lifters. Some understand leverage and know how to lift double their weight over their heads through a power lifting technique. I doubt a guy in a spinning class lifts that way. Most of the guys that are power and Olympic lifting are not taking spin classes. The chances of this occurring, in my opinion, are very low. Unless of course this is one of the most steroid-ed out spinners known to man, or he's in fighting form from hanging out with my boys at Tropix in Rego Park."


If You're Selling An Apartment In Manhattan, Just Call 203-890-2000 And Ask For Steve

Perhaps you thought that hedge fund manager Steve Cohen's recent need to indulge in a little retail therapy had been satisfied by the purchases of a $60 million Hamptons home and a $155 million painting. That dropping 200+ mill had made him feel better about certain things going on right now that are out of his control. That the bank was closed. Well you thought wrong! The East End house and the Picasso were apparently but a warm-up, which the Big Guy followed up by buying a building on Perry Street and, possibly, an apartment 6 blocks away.