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Attention HR: Michael Vick Also Seeking Unpaid Internship This Summer

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The Charlotte Observer has a heartwarming story today about Carolinas wide receiver and Morgan Stanley client Steve Smith finding a concurrent career as a financial planning intern at the global investment firm. A few years ago he started reading some books about investing and then on a whim asked his financial adviser if he could get some hands-on experience in the off-season. Though rather unorthodox--the only similar example that comes to mind is Bear Stearns' internship program for individuals currently serving time--the request was granted. "So far it's been unbelievable," Smith says.
We expect to hear that, inspired by Smith's ancillary career pursuit, Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack has decided to scale back on his duties at the bank this summer to pursue his dream of making the Panthers' roster as a walk-on defensive tackle this August within the week.
Smith scores gig as finances intern [The Charlotte Observer]


Morgan Stanley Has Canned Enough Employees At This Point

Great news for anyone who's been sitting nervously at their desk at Morgan Stanley the last few days, wondering whether or not their boss was about to tap them on the shoulder to go have a chat with HR: if you've made it this long, you're safe! There will be no more human layoffs for the foreseeable future (plants may still be at risk).