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Ban On Acronyms Gets Results

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A lot of people are wondering this morning how HSBC was able to see a rise in first quarter profits, despite rising bad-debt charges in the U.S. and a sizable writedown in its investment banking arm. The most popular theory pins the gains to higher returns in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. DealBreaker readers who have been paying attention know that the key to HSBC's success is far more subtle: the elimination of acronyms. Who’s laughing at asinine corporate directives now?
Earlier: We Need To Make This Thing Work. What's The Key To Making This Thing Work? NO. MORE. ACRONYMS. If I See Or Hear One Person Not Spelling/Saying The Whole Word Out, I Will Go Carnival-Freak Crazy On Your Ass. I Mean It, I'll Scratch Your Eyes Out.
3rd UPDATE: HSBC 1Q Profit Ahead Of 1Q07 Despite US Impairments [CNN Money]