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Bear Employee Surprisingly Upset With Layoff Proceedings At Bear

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I'm not exactly sure what we're supposed to do with this but a (soon to be?) former Bear employee just bcc'd us on this message to a higher up at the bank so we'll put it out there. That's what we do at DealBreaker, give voices to those who cannot be heard. We're practically a human rights watch group, wouldn't you say? I just wish we'd been non-blind carbon copied, in which case it would be appropriate to re all with "Yeah!" or "We concur!" or something to that effect. If anyone else has a message they'd like to more widely disseminate, send it our way.

It saddens me that you have so simply, arrogantly and cruelly changed the severance classification of the equity research department personnel on the very day no-less that layoffs commenced. This change is reprehensible and you-can-bet grounds for litigation. Many of us in the research department were persuaded to stay and await final determination of our employment status because of the way the severance packages were structured; mind-you, a very deliberate structuring on JPMorgan/Bear's part for the very reason to dupe us into staying at Bear. Shame on you! You lied! And, of course, the loyal employees your glib lies hurt the most are those who earned the least, the Associates.