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Bear Stearns Forex: Notices Go Out From JP Morgan

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JP Morgan has taken a hatchet to Bear Stearns' foreign exchange business, with 62 of 73 positions set to be “put on notice,” according to a Forex Factory story citing “a senior Bear Stearns official.”
Both the New York and London offices of Bear Stearns have been slashed. In New York, 28 out of 34 people working in foreign exchange are expected to receive this week what Forex Factory describes as “consultation letters.” In London, 33 of the 39 team members received notification last week that they had entered a consultation period. It’s unclear how many of these “consultations” will result in job cuts or offers for positions. Apparently some have been offered positions at JP Morgan but turned them down because they were a lower levels—and presumably paid less—than their positions at Bear Stearns.
“Bear Stearns' New York trading operations have almost ground to a halt, with the FX team handling only 1% of its pre-takeover commerce,” Forex Factory reports.
Bear Stearns gets the axe [Forex Factory]