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Bonus Round: Which Investment Bank, Until Recently, Asked This Very Question Of All Would-Be Employees?

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Feeling a little stupid or slow on the uptake lately? Kicking yourself for not seeing that subprime shitstorm coming from a mile away? Having belated regrets about keeping the lion’s share of your life’s savings in your employer Bear Stearns’ stock? Recognizing that going to that bridge tourney and refusing to take calls while the company you were supposed to be in charge of was pissing blood probably wasn’t the most prudent business decision you could have made? Have we got the pick me up for you—head on over to accounting firm MarksPaneth’s website and see if you can solve the brain buster they’ve laid on the table. I'm confident that most if not all of you can solve the puzzle, and guarantee it'll improve your sense of self-worth and, contrary to what everyone in the world thinks of you and your Wall Street colleagues right now, prove that you are not an idiot.
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