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Citi Makes Insomnia Its Motto

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Just yesterday we were learning that Vikram Pandit was concentrated on the small things rather than vision. But in the wee hours of the morning he sent out an email showing that he’s totally changed his mind. Now he’s on to real big things—like company slogans!
At Citi, insomnia isn’t just a chronic problem for bankers worried about losing money or losing their jobs anymore. As Bess Levin reported this morning, it’s the financial giant’s new company slogan: “Citi Never Sleeps.”
Never sleeping is a sure sign of insomnia, which is itself usually a symptom of stress. It can have some seriously deleterious consequences, some of which might not be endearing to Citi’s shareholders or customers. Insomniacs suffer from poor concentration and focus, difficulty with memory, and impaired social interaction.
Which actually sounds a lot like the Citi we all know so well. At least Pandit’s being honest with the public about Citi’s desperate condition.