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Citi's Most Valuable Asset

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We’re not suggesting in the slightest that Citi’s new-old slogan, “Citi Never Sleeps,” doesn’t strike us a tagline that would get Meredith Whitney going, “You know, I’m starting to think that those guys know what they’re doing over there,” but we have been wondering why the firm felt the need to rebrand itself as the posterchild for insomnia. The real reason is apparently that they simply couldn’t afford a new one, but as the C puts it, when you’ve got GOLD like “Citi Never Sleeps” just lying around, you go with it.

Shortly after Vikram S. Pandit took over in December, he scratched the “Let’s Get It Done” slogan and ordered up the “Citi Never Sleeps” tagline. Though the phrase was introduced around the invention of the A.T.M. and 24-hour banking, Mr. Pandit thought it better promoted the bank’s global presence.
“This is an extraordinary asset, and guess what, we own it,” said Ms. Caputo, who is also leading the new campaign. “It made all kinds of sense to bring it forth and advertise it.”

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