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Commemorate The End Of Bear Stearns With Knick-Knacks

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The end of Bear Stearns is rapidly approaching. Shareholders will be voting to approve the acquisition by JP Morgan Chase this morning. On Monday the deal is expected to close, and Bear Stearns will likely vanish from Wall Street.
But just because the fabled Wall Street bond house will be gone doesn't mean it will be forgotten. A slew of memorabilia and knick-knacks bearing the investment bank's name has hit Ebay. In all, 29 Bear Stearns-related items were available on eBay as of late Wednesday afternoon, Aaron Elstein at Crain's reports.

Bear items for sale on eBay include a stress ball for 99 cents imprinted with the words--which now seem prophetic--"little things, big impacts!" The sour home loans that helped bring down the firm are given their due in a coffee cup that reads Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage. The cup is being offered at $1.99, though shipping is another $8.50.
For those with a taste for the finer things, one eBay seller is offering some bar tools with Bear's name on it. The seller says the bottle-opener, corkscrew, wine-stopper and thermometer were given to clients at a health care conference sponsored by the bank. The bidding is at $150, shipping included.

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