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Hedge Funds Give Back

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They made zillions shorting anything having to do with subprime and the housing industry* and now they're investing the money they won betting those suckers would fail, earning the title of "unexpected saviors." Reuters reports that many hedge funds are helping keep U.S. home builders out of bankruptcy court until buyers return, offering operating cash or long-term equity financing, as well as purchasing distressed land. Tiger Global Management has taken a 3.55 million share stake in Standard Pacific Corp, and several other unnamed but "notable" funds are following in suit, hoping to profit when the real estate market picks up again.
While Reuters may be christening these guys the next Mother Theresa, you should not be fooled by their charity. In reality, these stone cold bastards are spending a few shekels now to prop up these poor, unfortunate housing stocks until they rally, and when they do, will short these pigs to death one more time.
Struggling home builders find unexpected saviors [Reuters]
*Rumor has it Paulson was scouring regional newspapers about individuals getting foreclosed, and calling the local banks to see if he could get liquidity to short their bank accounts individually.


Vikram Pandit To Get Back In The Hedge Fund Saddle Again, At Some Point

Just a question of which hedge fund he'll be riding-- his own or his former Old Lane colleague's. The buzz on Wall Street is that ousted Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit will return to the hedge-fund world. UK hedge fund Portman Square Capital declined to comment on chatter that its founder, Sutesh Sharma, is eager to nab Pandit for his new firm. Sharma, a former money manager at Pandit’s now defunct Old Lane hedge fund, launched Portman this year with $500 million...Pandit is viewed by the hedge fund community as a rainmaker due to his ties to deep-pocketed investors. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt the timing was right to join an existing fund . . . or start his own fund,” said Robert Olman of hedge-fund search firm Alpha Search Advisory Partners. Thinking ahead, how much do we predict Citi will pay to acquire Portman Square (or Pandit Partners) in order to lure Big Vik back, which is kind their thing? Last time around it was $800 million so they'll probably have to offer at least $2bn. Pandit Packing For London Hedges [NYP via FINalternatives]

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Hedge Fund Manager Are Sad

And dying from a form of cancer that attacks alpha generation, they say.