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Hillary Clinton: The Anti-Wall Street Candidate?

Hillary Clinton has been upping the ante with her populist rhetoric, bashing "greed" and swatting away economic critiques of her tax plans by saying "I'm not going to throw my lot in with economists." As is often the case, that kind of anti-intellectual politics is accompanied by Wall Street bashing. Julie Satow, who covers Wall Street for the New York Sun, reports on Clinton's latest swipes.

Yesterday, Mrs. Clinton's normally responsive camp took a full 24 hours to correct widely reported accounts that she had said in a speech during the Indiana Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner: "Why don't we hold these Wall Street money-grubbers responsible for their role in this recession?" In fact, she said: "Wall Street money brokers."
Either way, the sentiment is the same, according to many on Wall Street.

Clinton Attacks Wall Street [New York Sun]


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