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Imagine How This Whole Thing Would've Turned Out If They'd Gone With Bagels

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The second installment of Kate Kelly's 3-part series on the destruction of Bear Stearns answered many questions. Among them: which clients pulled out in the days prior to the intervention (notably, a little shop called RenTec), where did Jamie Dimon celebrate his 52nd birthday (Avra, a Greek restaurant on East 48th street) and does Alan "Ace" Greenberg perform magic tricks (yes).
But it also raised so many more! The most important one, noted by a commenter earlier this morning, being: "What of that Dunkin' Donuts order? Did the bankers on the sixth floor who were heard considering ordering breakfast from the purveyor of the deep-fried pieces of dough ever pull the trigger? DID THEY?" The article does not say. But a little investigative journalism on the part of DB today found that the answer is yes. According to a source familiar with the matter, "They did [place the order]--coffee and donuts, which they were actually eating and drinking when the high-five worthy email [containing the draft of a news release announcing that the bank had agreed to provide Bear Stearns with financing "as necessary" for up to 28 days] appeared."


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