In Unrelated News, Charlie Gasparino Perfecting His Beer Can Crushing Skills In Midtown As We Speak


Please, God, for the love of watching Cody Willard pass out after one chug let the tip we just received be true. Supposedly, Bloomberg TV has challenged Fox Business to a "drink off." One unnamed anchor who recently moved from BTV to FBN believes (and I dare you to read this line without peeing your pants), "We have some hard core mo'fos up in here--could be quite a challenge." No idea who said that (though Sandra Smith and Brian Sullivan are among those who jumped ship), or where/when this thing is taking place but we will keep you abreast of the situation and be distributing Team Cavuto t-shirts (at cost), this much I promise you. (Don't particularly like the guy, just have our money on the fact that he's in it to win it and has no qualms about playing dirty.)