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Jimmy Cayne's Head On Display At Bear Stearns

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If you walk by Bear Stearns Madison Avenue headquarters tomorrow, you might catch a glimpse of former chief executive Jimmy Cayne on the street.
Unfortunately, we're not privy to Cayne's personal schedule. Rather, we know that Geoffrey Raymond, Wall Street's most important artist, will be displaying his latest masterpiece, a portrait of Cayne, outside the headquarters at 383 Madison. He'll be asking people passing by to annotate the painting with their thoughts about Bear Stearns and its former leadership.
In the past, Raymond has created similar portraits of Lloyd Blankfein, James Cramer (twice), Eliot Spitzer and Erin Burnett. He first came to DealBreaker's attention when he appeared outside of the New York Stock Exchange with a portrait of former NYSE head Dick Grasso.
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