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JP Morgan Bought My Bank And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

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With thousands of Bear Stearns employees losing their jobs and thousands more bearing ill-will toward their soon to be former employer, you might suppose that their wouldn't be much demand for Bear Stearns memorabilia. But you'd be wrong.
Shirts, hats, coffee mugs and umbrellas with the firm's Bear logo sold "like hotcakes" in the sale held in Bear Stearns second floor cafeteria, according to Mark DeCambre. Staff lined up to purchase the goods. Some of this might be nostalgia for the storied Wall Street institution that is expected to meet it's final end when JP Morgan Chase wraps up its acquisition of Bear Stearns in early June. But we've noticed a definite uptick in Bear Stearns items on Ebay, suggesting that some Bear employees might have more pecuniary interests in mind.

Bear Holds Fire Sale
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