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Keep Moving The Chains!

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As regular readers know, we're big fans of celebrity stock picking. This afternoon's little spark of sunshine comes from the news that former Raider and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Brown, will have a stock-picking column on at True to form, he is picking stocks like a slightly addled sportscaster, highly impressed by a team that he thinks sounds confident going into the game. He even has a catch phrase: "Keep moving the chains!"
Booya, Tim. After the jump, we reveal Tim's first pick.

Tim likes...wait for it...Microsoft! Why? Well, after saying something about the bid for Yahoo (we can't actually tell whether he liked the deal or not) he explains why Microsoft is totally going to eat Google for lunch because, well, because they totally are.

Even before the takeover talk, Microsoft was preparing a game plan to challenge Google(GOOG - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) in the online advertising game. Microsoft is well behind Google in this arena, but that means they have a lot of upside. Plus, Microsoft is way out ahead of Google in the display advertising market. That area should grow much quicker than search advertising, leaving Microsoft in good shape to take advantage of that trend. If you listen to Microsoft's execs, they are talking like they are the favorites in this matchup vs. Google.

Tim Brown: Catch A Score With Microsoft