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Let's Get Serious For A Second

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Stuart "You Go Girl" Sugarman is now claiming not only that Christopher "I'll Show You Roid Rage" Carter threw him and his bike into a wall, but that Carter was strong enough to hold the rider (who by his own estimation weighs 200 lbs) and the ride (150 lbs) over his head for several seconds, look up at him and shout, "F you," which we'd normally spell out but in this case get the distinct impression we're dealing with two guys who substitute 'eff' for 'fuck' in the middle of a fight taking place in a spin class comprised mostly of women at an Equinox gym on the Upper East Side. I don't care who you think is at fault in this situation (I'm actually inclined to think it's a draw. People who work out audibly should be shot but damaging sheetrock is a little intense). I just want to know--is this feat of strength even possible? I suppose in instances like these you have to suspend disbelief, but this sounds like a demonstration of superhuman strength made up by a guy wearing a fake neck brace. Obviously, I'm going to see if we can find out what Charlie Gasparino thinks. In the meantime, discuss amongst yourselves.

Grunt And Center