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Let's Get You A Job

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The ad people in this asylum tell us and potential sources of revenue that you're all gainfully employed and just saddled with money to spend, but for the maybe one, or two, at most, of you who are reading this from home in between The View and Oprah (no need for TiVo anymore, or pants, for that matter)**, this might be of interest: PIMCO is hiring! According to the FT, the bond fund's chief operating officer Dick Weil said that the firm is looking for people in mortgage securities trading and credit analysis, and that it has actually approached approached several Wall Street banks and asked for the contact info of recently laid off employees. Apparently most have been forthcoming and eager to shed themselves of the guilt they've been saddled with after firing a ton o' staff, with the exception for UBS, who apparently got awkwardly territorial, refused to give out names, and actually started thinking about taking back the castoffs, just so PIMCO can't have them. For the record, the claim it has nothing to do with needing subs for the newly-formed Rock Band Team.
Pimco touts for bank cast-offs [FT]
**That sounded insensitive. To be clear, I was talking about J-Cay, and I think it's fair game because the aformentioned scenario's pretty much been his routine for quite some time now.