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Long Gold, Short Oil?

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Is oil overpriced compared to gold?
That's what cantankerous trader/real estate entrepreneur/ blogger/dj Lawrence Lewitinn argues in this piece in PopSerious, a hipster group blog more prone to features about puppies, fashion, and what commodities to bake with rather than money, finance, and what commodities to trade. Lewitinn maintains that since April, the ratio of barrels of oil to ounces of gold has gone from a five-year average of about 9.5-to-1 down to 7-to-1 and that the trade to make is to go long December gold and short December oil until that ratio goes back to at least 9-to-1.
We're sure there's more to this but we were distracted by pictures of contributors who are far better looking than Lawrence.
Black Gold (And How You Might Make Money Off of Speculators' Stupidity) [Popserious]