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Moral v. Moral Hazard

Should we be surprised that most "economic" proposals that come to light in an election year are tainted with impossible populist conflicts? Probably not, but that makes it no less painful. Tempts one to reduce the discussion to the always popular analogies section of your favorite program entrance exam. Or to beg for someone to put together a mandatory financial literacy program for the country. I mean seriously, who nominates these clowns?
Increase GDP : Reduce Oil Consumption ::
Reduce Oil Consumption : Reduce Oil Prices ::
Reduce Oil Prices : Windfall Profits Tax ::
Windfall Profits Tax : Increase Oil Production ::
Increase Oil Production : Forbid Domestic Drilling ::
Forbid Domestic Drilling : Reduce Foreign Energy Dependence ::
Reduce Foreign Energy Dependence : Sue OPEC ::
(Answers after the close).
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