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"No, You Shut Up," "No, You Shut Up," "You Shut Up," "You Shut Up"

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We brought back the greatest spinning class fracas story ever told yesterday, the one with the guy getting thrown off his bike by a fellow rider for pumping himself up with affirmations like "You go girl" throughout the session, because awesomely, it made its way into an actual courtroom this week, where it will be decided whether or not it's a crime to assault people who audibly work out. Nothing is funnier than two middle aged men getting indignant in a spinning class, and this heretofore unheard detail, while seemingly minor, is really the piece de resistance of tale. According to testimony from Dr. Sherri Sandel, a lucky, lucky, lucky lady who was in the spin class, after Christopher Carter (the thrower) told Stuart Sugarman (the throwee) to shut up initially, Sugarman responded, "Make me."
Grunting in East Side Gym Class Leads to Hospital, and to Court [NYT]