Older Guy Declares War On Millennials


It seems like it was ages ago. But it was only last November that the hottest item in everyone's inbox was the story of an intern called Kevin who emailed his bosses about needing to take a day off work in October to take care of some family business in New York City. His bosses, however, discovered a picture of him at a party in Worcester, Massachusetts, uncovering his duplicity. Worse, his boss attached the picture to a response email to him and BCC'd the entire North American staff of the bank. And, even worse, in the picture the intern--a young man named Kevin--is dressed a fairy--complete with green wings, eye makeup and a star-tipped wand. "Nice wand," the boss adds in his email.
Now Robert Lanham, the author of the Hipster Handbook, has revived the story in Radar because he views it as reflective of an entire generation of young Americans. Not only did Kevin deserve the humiliation, he should have been fired, Langham says.

My lack of empathy for Kevin comes from my sense of loyalty to the generation born between the years of 1961 and 1981. Generation X. Kevin is part of the generation born between 1982 and 2002--a Millennial, formerly known as Generation Y. (They got renamed after whining too much.) They're younger. They're healthier. They got to do anal in high school. They think updating a spreadsheet while simultaneously posting to a Twitter account about the latest gossip on perezhilton.com is an essential corporate skill. And, like Kevin, they're always doing stupid shit, but rarely getting called on it.

We're sure you can think of a few other dangerous Millennials. Aleksey Vayner and Lucy Gao spring immediately to mind.

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