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Protestors Foul Up Evening Commute

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We hope you’re not planning on taking a car out of Manhattan tonight. Hundreds protestors objecting to the acquittal of police officers who shot and killed Sean Bell have launched their attempt to traffic mayhem today by blocking key commuting intersection, including entrances to the Brooklyn Bridge, the Holland Tunnel, the Queensborough Bridge and the Midtown Tunnel.
Cops have been arresting dozens of demonstrators in an effort to prevent the evening commute being disrupted but NY1’s coverage indicates that at there are far more protestors than the police can handle quickly.
Manhattanites shouldn’t get too smug. Traffic throughout Manhattan will quickly become snarled if the exits off the island are blocked for very long. Your safest bet is subways and trains. Or, better yet, get yourself into the local watering-hole and drink the commuting problems away.