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Société Générale shareholders, still not over the months-old rogue trading scandal, told Chairman Daniel Bouton that he'd "turned the bank into a casino," demanded his resignation and booed his every word at today's annual general meeting. Apparently Bouton's power point presentation, which showed that over an 8-year period, SocGen shares had remained among the best in the sector, did little to ease the crowd's anger, probably because the 8-year period was from 1971-1979. It's all very dramatic, exponentially more so if you imagine it going down in French. Meanwhile, Reuters notes that "a mile or two away from the shareholder meeting," Kerviel, who went MIA for several days following the scandal, "looked calm and relaxed as he posed exclusively for Reuters Pictures and Television," taking a cue from his newfound spiritual leader, Eliot Spitzer's prostitute (she's teaching classes at the Learning Annex now).
SocGen Chairman Booed Over Kerviel Affair [Reuters via NYT]


Court Awards Jerome Kerviel 0.007991228% Of Damages He Demanded From Société Générale

The look on SocGen's face as a judge berated the bank for axing Kerviel probably made up for it.