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Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win, Icahn Will Lose, And US Economy Is In Trouble

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Last night at the "All Things D" conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch told attendees that Democrat Barack Obama will win the presidential election by capturing the key swing state Ohio and that activist shareholder Carl Icahn will lose his proxy fight to take over Yahoo. He also said the US economy face tough times for the next 18 months.
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"He is a rock star. It's fantastic," Murdoch said of Obama. He added that he was responsible for the New York Post's endorsement of Obama in the New York primary. Murdoch had been a supporter of Obama rival Hillary Clinton in her Senator races.
But Murdoch was less enthusiastic about Icahn's chances to win the proxy fight for Yahoo. "Icahn? That's not serious. It's just a lot of helpful noise. If I were a director of Yahoo I wouldn't be worried," Murdoch said.
It won't be a total loss for Icahn however, in Murdoch's view. He predicted that the position in Yahoo would make Icahn "a few hundred million dollars."
But the media titan was at his most downbeat when he discussed the economy. He told the conference that "for the next 18 months, I think this country is in for a very hard time," and that America's woes are spreading to Europe.
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