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Selachimorpha Update

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In light of unprecedented government interference in the shark market, please disregard yesterday afternoon's tip. DO NOT stock up on the particularly toothy fish, which are losing value by the second, thanks to the proposal of a new regulation intended to increase the population off the coast of Central Florida. For those of you already in too deep to reverse your position, do yourself and your investment a favor, by taking a cue from you-know-who, sharpening his harpoon as we speak
Shark Attacks Likely To Rise As Number Of Sharks Increases [WFTV]


Call The (Facebook) Close (Update)

Standard Price Is Right rules, closest without going over, guesses in by 3:45PM Winner gets your choice of an ‘I violently heart Dealbreaker’ embroidered hoodie, a visit from the Sandwich Fairy on Monday, or our Facebook friendships.