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Summer In The City: Can Anyone Beat Credit Suisse's Shake Shack?

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The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is open for business, and we've already heard reports of summer interns at Credit Suisse standing on the long lines to get burgers and fries for lunch.
This reminds us of the perennial question: who has the best lunch time eating options in finance? Credit Suisse's offices, located on the east side of Madison Square Park, make it a clear nominee simply because the superb shake shack is located there. Please leave your other nominations in comments.

We know the big guns of Wall Street prefer places like Campagnola, Rao's, San Pietro and Four Seasons. We remember the Tom Wolfe essay which asserted that New York City was kept alive by the business lunch. But what we have in mind here is something a little less grand. Not lunch for the generals--lunch for the soliders. The lunch you grab before heading back to the trenches. Or, to drop the metaphor, your desk. Lunch for the summers, the analysts, the associates and the newly minted VPs.
And a brief administrative note. Today marks the start of DealBreaker's Summer Watch. The summer interns have started at the banks, the summer shares in East Egg kicked off this past weekend, the last of the securitization groups are quietly being sent away, and the market around the corner from DB HQ has peaches. We've assigned DealBreaker Associate Editor Bess Levin to the Summer Beat, collecting the best, brightest and most brutal stories of the summer.
She's assembling information about everything you can imagine. And she needs your help. Email her at How many summers has your shop hired? What are they paid? Where do they go to school? Who has the hottest summers? What events are planned? Are they doing real work or holding your place on line at the Shake Shack?
Also, remember, whatever happens in the Hamptons never stays in the Hamptons. It ends up on DealBreaker. Send your stories of bankers gone wild near the beach to us. Send your stories of never making it out to your share because you're stuck in the office. We're here for you. Be there for us.
PS: Next time your lawyer friends complain about their jobs, remind them that they spend their summers getting fat at fancy restaurants.