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The Economist Wins Hip Hop FansAnd Smarty Pants English Types Approve

The Economist—the weekly magazine that unwholesomely purveys smarty-pants English attitudes that so many undergraduates, junior i-bankers and other insecure Americans find so impressive—is winning over new readers: teenage rappers. The Guardian reports:

A teenage rap duo in Chicago has recorded a track, aptly called "The Economist," that extols the British publication's breadth and brevity and samples podcast commentary by correspondents Edward Lucas and Anthony Gottlieb.
"The style in which they write is simple and concise, how do they get their sentences so precise?" the rappers wonder.

It’s so worshipful of the magazine that we half-suspected the song was a parody of the kind of enthusiasm for the Economist that Spy magazine mocked years ago. "He reads the Economist so he can get the gist, its solid competence gives him confidence that his intelligence is correct," the rappers exclaim. But apparently lyrics are sincere.
Click here to listen to the thing yourself. (Gawker, another purveyor of unwholesomely smarty-pants English attitudes, describes it as "not entirely uncomfortable to listen to!")
(via Gawker and The Guardian.)